Sisterly Tradition

Today is my 29th birthday.  I went to the post office this morning knowing I would get cards from various relatives.  However, there was one item I was truely looking forward to. One item I knew would be there! Somthing that has been waiting for me on my birthday every year for 10 of the last 11 years.

It all started July 25th 1996! I opened the card my sister gave me for my 18th birthday and found this…

Sisterly Tradition

On the inside of the card was this message…

Sisterly Tradition

So…I did! I saved the card for 22 Months and gave it back to her on her 18th birthday.  We have been passing it back and forth since then.  As of this morning the card looks like this…

Sisterly Tradition

Sisterly Tradition

The life of this card has not been without some interesting moments.  My sisters birthday is in May and mine is in July.  When Amanda gets the card she only has to hang onto it for just under 2 months.  I on the other hand am responsible for the safety of the card for the remaining 10 months of the year.  I always put the card in a special place for safekeeping.  The only problem is one year I forgot where that palce was!  In May of 2004 my sisters birthday was quickly approaching.  I suddenly realized I could not remember the location of the card. I searched and searched but could NOT find it.  I tore the house apart from top to bottom.  I just couldn’t find it. So on my sisters 24th birthday I had to inform my sister that I had lost the card.  She was a little dissapointed but was a great sport about the whole thing.  I still felt horrible.  Well I eventually forgot about the card until my birthday rolled around and I had a renwed sense of urgency to find this card.  This time I began looking in all the places I though I would NEVER hide the card.  After a few days of searching, just 2 days before my birthday, I found the card!!!! I was SOOOOOOOOOO happy! It was in a box of old photos in the guest bedroom of my house! Why on earth did I put it there?  I quickly filled out the card and popped it in the mail to my sis as a belated card. I couldn’t break the cycle.  She then returned it to me and I was then in charge of keeping it safe once more.

Each year when the card is returned to me I do several things to keep it safe. First I scan the card with all of the new signatures.  Then I make color photocopies of the card that I place in my Bank lock box “just in case”!  I then palce the card into a plastic bag and put it in the SAME secret location every year.  Hopefully Amanda and I will continue this tradition for many years to come!


  1. AJ says

    Hey sis. I like the post about our card. I always love it when a birthday roles around and I have an excuse to tell someone about our card. I think I’ve told a few people more than once. Hopefully, it won’t get lost again. Til next year!!!…..


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