Coq au Chardonnay – Chicken in White Wine Sauce

Coq au chardonnay - chicken in white wine

I am not much of a wine drinker but I love cooking with wine. I love the depth of flavor that it creates in a dish and often use the meat as an excuse to eat the sauce because it would likely be frowned upon to just serve up bowls of white wine sauce. This… 

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caramelized onions

How to Make Caramelized Onions

If you have never tried caramelized onions you are missing out. Even if you are convinced you do not like onions, I have a sinking suspicion you will change your mind once you try them. They are sweet and delicious and more like candy than the sharp, spiciness of their raw or mildly cooked counterparts…. 

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Really awesome handmade pizza

Really Awesome Homemade Pizza

Living in the country means you never get pizza delivered. We have a few national chain pizza places in the town about 30 minutes from our house.  They make pizza that’s decent in a pinch and will satisfy your craving, but it’s nothing great. The only really good pizza places are about 70 miles from… 

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My Love/Hate Relationsip with Snow Days

5 Reasons Why I HATE Snow Days They mess up my lesson plans. We have to make them up in the summer. I stay up too late and going back is hard. It’s usually nasty outside so we’re stuck in the house. I’m already awake because the phone call usually comes at 6 am. 5… 

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On Love and Football: A Day with Charles Schulz at the Clinton Library

My dad raised me right. I grew up loving both Charlie Brown and football. (Go Patriots!) No holiday in our house was complete until we had watched the corresponding Charlie Brown cartoon. My mother would roll her eyes and say, “This again?” But I think she secretly enjoyed the tradition. Even after my sister and… 

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gina gifts

Handmade Christmas Ornament Exchange

I participated in a handmade ornament exchange that was hosted by Arkansas Women Bloggers. This is the third year for the exchange and I received my package a few weeks ago. Just look at that cute package! You just know you in for a treat when you get something like that! And best of all… 

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What did I let go of this year?

What did I let go of this year! This year I let go of worry. I am a habitual worrier. I worry about everything. I had SO MUCH going on this year that I knew worrying would only make it worse. I learned to let go out of necessity and I am so glad. With… 

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Have I been unfair to anyone?

Have I been unfair to anyone? Probably the person I am most unfair to is my husband. Sometimes I intentionally do things that bother him just because I know they bother him. Sometimes I take advantage of his love and commitment to me and I treat him like crap when he doesn’t deserve it. I… 

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How have I procrastinated?

How have I procrastinated? My friend Gina and I decided earlier in the year that we were going to do a craft fair booth together. Well…we never did. One thing or another got in the way. Laziness set in and I just put of getting ready for it. We are currently making plans to do… 

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Who made me feel the best this year?

Who made me feel the best this year? Richie – Richie doesn’t always succeed but he always tries really hard to make me feel good and feel good about myself. He is my absolute best friend and the first person I turn to when I need to feel better. Mom – my mom always seems… 

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When did I feel most creatively inspired?

When did I feel most creatively inspired? There have been several times this year that I have felt creatively inspired. First, I am fortunate enough to teach art and I am inspired by my students on a daily basis. Some days more so than others… but if I truly look, it happens every day. I… 

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