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March 2012

Violet Jelly

by Julie Kohl on March 25, 2012

Violet jelly is a wonderful spring treat! With a taste reminiscent of grape it is sure to be a household hit.  The greatest part is that it is super easy to make as long as you have a big patch of violets nearby.

This evening I spent about 30 minutes and collected four cups of violets for a double batch.  If you have help it goes even faster.


Violet Jelly

2 Cups Violet Flowers
2 Cups Boiling Water
1/4 Lemon juice (about 1 regular lemon, juiced)
4 Cups of Sugar
1 Package Sure-Jell

Pour 2 cups of boiling water over the violets.  Cover and store in the fridge overnight.  Strain off the violet liquid and discard the flowers.  The liquid will be blue in color.  In a non-reactive pan combine the violet juice, lemon juice and pectin.  Stir and bring to a boil.  Add sugar and stir.  Bring to a boil and boil for at least one minute.  Skim off any foam and ladle into hot sterilized jars.  Seal and process jars in a boiling water bath for 10 minutes.  Check that all jars have sealed.  Once opened store in the fridge and consume within three weeks.  This recipe will make about 4 8oz. jars of jelly.



Gluten-Free: A Way of Life

by Julie Kohl on March 24, 2012

I recently decided to switch to a gluten free diet.  To be clear, I do not have Celiacs Disease but I have enough other symptoms of a gluten intolerance that I (and my doctor) thought perhaps it was worth it to give a gluten-free diet a try.  Please understand that this is not a “diet” in the sense of the word that many people automatically think.  While it is entirely possible that weight-loss could occur while eating gluten-free I am eating this way for my health and well-being.  I am eating this way because when I don’t – I don’t feel good.  Here is my story.

The list of symptoms for gluten intolerance is long.  Just looking at a few of the symptoms almost anyone could diagnose themselves as gluten intolerant.  That’s why it is so important to work with your doctor.

Some of my specific symptoms include:

  • Weight Gain
  • Abdominal Pain and Cramping
  • Diareha
  • Constipation
  • Declining Dental health (increase in cavities, broken teeth, abcesses)
  • Reproductive System Issues (Irregular periods, endometriosis)
  • Hair Loss
  • Numbness in toes
  • Skin problems (acne and rosecea)
  • Joint Pain
  • Hypoglycemia
  • Hypothyrodism

A little over two years ago I finally joined a health club and hired a personal trainer. I started to get the idea that something else must be wrong with me when I was working out three times a week and had greatly reduced my caloric intake and NOTHING was changing.  Sure I gained muscle but that was about it.  Very few pounds were lost, my body shape wasnt changing and I really wasn’t feeling much better.  My physical indicated that my blood pressure was fantastic (120/72) and I had absolutely no issues with cholestorol so why did I feel so bad?  This was when I really began to realize that there had to be more to it than just being overweight.

My individual symptoms along with the length of time I had been suffering from them were evaluated and paired with tests run by my doctor determined that a gluten intolerance may be my problem.  Most of these issues have been things I have dealt with for years which were seemingly unrelated to eachother and were often things I attributed to the fact that I was getting older, was overweight and was generally inactive.  My family has always joked that I am a hyperchondriac. In reality I have always been a pretty healthy person but often I just didnt feel good and had no good reason not to.  Many times I went looking for something to be wrong just so I had a reason to explain why I felt bad.

The term gluten-free has been a buzz word on the internet for quite some time now so a quick google search can yeild millions of results and can overwhelm you with information.  I recently read two really great books that I would highly recommend if you think you have a gluten intolerance.

The G-Free Diet: A Gluten-Free Survival Guide by Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Celiac Disease (Revised and Updated Edition): A Hidden Epidemic by Rory Jones and Peter H. R. Green

What does it mean to be gluten-free?

People who follow a gluten-free diet have to eliminate all gluten from their diet.  Gluten comes mainly from wheat, rye and barley so the first obvious thing to get rid of is bread and pasta.  Unfortunaly gluten can be hidden in many things from spices, salad dressings and sauces.  Often it is the hidden things you have to really watch out for.  Fortunately for me, in recent years I have not been as big a bread or pasta fan as I used to be.  Perhaps my mind already knew I needed to avoid these things!  Also since there is such an increased media awareness of gulten intolerance many companies are clearly labeling their gluten free products and many are producing gluten-free alternatives.  In my small town I have already found three great sources of gluten-free products including pasta and bread and the great part is that they actually taste good!

So what does that mean for Eggs and Herbs?

Plain and simple, I will keep bringing you lots of great recipes as I always have.  Although most of my recipes will be gluten-free my goal is going to be to provide recipes that prevent you from having to buy strange ingredients like sorhgum flour, arrowroot, xantham gum and so on.  There are pleanty of websites and cookbooks out there that will provide you instruction on how to do that if you are so inclined.  My goal will be to provide recipes that are completely free of gluten and gluten substitutes.  They will just be healthy gluten-free recipes.

But I’m not gluten-free, you say.

Don’t worry! My husband isn’t either and I will still occasionally bring you some gluten-laden recipes.  Additionally my sister does a great series here on Eggs and Herbs called {Find it, Make it}.  She and her family are not gluten-free and she always shares some delicious stuff!

Being gluten-free is still pretty new to me. I am only a few weeks in to my journey.  Overall it hasnt been that difficult and the fact that I haven’t had to chew Tum’s or down Alka-seltzer on a daily basis is an early testament to the effect being gluten-free has on me.  One setbeack and three slices of gluten-laden pizza later had me convinced this was the way to go.


Balsamic Fruit Salad

March 21, 2012

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Why I Ran a 5K

March 17, 2012

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Restaurant NOT Recommended

March 10, 2012

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Delicious {and easy} Homemade Pizza

March 5, 2012

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