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October 2008

Cooking with Pumpkin – Homemade Pumpkin Puree

by Julie Kohl on October 26, 2008

After reading some recent posts on The Pioneer Woman Cooks about cooking with pumpkin, I was inspired to try this myself.  I love pumpkin pie, and pumpkin cheesecake and pumpkin bread but I have always used canned pumpkin.  I have NEVER made my own pumpkin puree before.  Well it is actually really easy, just a little time consuming.

To start I purchased 3 pie pumpkins.  These are really easy to find at the grocery stores in October and November and were also available at the pumpkin patch.


I cut off the top of each pumpkin, cut them in half and scooped out the seeds. (Save the seeds for later.)


Next I cut each pumpkin half into quarters and arranged them onto baking sheets.



Roast the pumpkin for about an hour at 350 degrees.


When the pumpkin is nice and tender remove it from the oven and allow it to cool slightly.  Peel the pumpkin and throw it into the food processor and blend until smooth.  If it is too thick you can add a little water.  If it is too thin you can strain it in a cheese cloth.

I scooped mine by cupfulls into freezer bags.  Store flat in the freezer until ready to use.  Set out to thaw or run the bag under cold water for a few minutes.


When you are done you can make roasted pumpkin seeds.  These are a great fall snack.

First rinse all the seeds to remove most of the pumpkin gunk.  Lay the seeds on a baking sheet and allow them to dry over night.  Sprinkle the seeds with a little bit of olive oil and lots of salt and toss to coat.  Place the pan in a 250 degree oven until the seeds are nice and brown.  This will take several hours and you should stir the seeds around every 15 minutes or so.  I like to cook my seeds until they are really brown.  I find they are tastier and have a better crunch.


Store the cooked seeds in an airtight container.

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Welcome to the world, little guy!

by Julie Kohl on October 15, 2008

My second nephew, Salem Rockwell, was just born about 2 hours ago!

Isn’t he sweet!  My sister said she only had to push for about 5 minutes!  I guess since she has been in so much pain lately it is only fair!

I wasn’t really into blogging yet when my first nephew Silas was born.  Here is a picture of Silas and my very pregnant sister about a week or so ago!

Silas wont get to meet Salem until tomorrow but at just 19 months apart I am sure they will be best buds!

Congratulations Amanda and Josh!

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The Pumpkin Patch

October 12, 2008

Richie and I went to the Pumpkin Patch in Augusta yesterday.  It is a nice place.  They have a corn maze, a little petting zoo, a hay ride, a corn gun, a nice picnic area and even a snack hut with BBQ and such.  We had planned on doing the corn maze but it was […]

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September Book List

October 4, 2008

Once again I am a few days late on my booklist!  Here it is!  All of my recommended reading is available online in my Amazon store unless otherwise noted.  Enjoy!  *****5      Eclipse – Stephanie Meyer This was the third book in the Twilight Series.  Again I really enjoyed this one.  I couldn’t put it down […]

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