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April 2008

An Honest Days Work

by Julie Kohl on April 26, 2008

I began my quest towards a backyard chicken flock this morning at about 7:00 AM.  I got up an searched the Internet for some pictures of chicken tractors (movable chicken pens) and drafted up plans for my own based on the things I saw that I liked.  At 8:00 I headed to the local hardware store to pick up the necessary lumber and a few other supplies.  I made a quick stop at McDonald’s to get some Chicken Biscuits for Richie who was still in bed.  I knew I might need a helping hand and nothing gets him out of bed faster than the promise of food!

After we had a bite to eat and took care of an emergency with our cat (see below), I began to build the yard portion of my chicken tractor.  After several long hours of labor I finally finished the chicken yard.  I am sore and sunburned but man does it feel good to have accomplished so much!

Now all I have left to do is build the hen house! That is a project for tomorrow though!

The open end with no chicken wire is where the hen house will attach to the yard.  The two sticky/outy things on the front are the handles.  Eventually there will be wheels at the back.  You can lift up on the handles and easily roll the “tractor” to its new location allowing the hens access to fresh ground and feed!

I also added a door in case I need to get in and out of the yard for any reason!  I did this ALL BY MYSELF!!! I am very proud of my work!

Cat Emergency – Several days ago our cat came home and I noticed that the top of his tail was swollen.  He has been acting a little strange lately too.  He hides under the couch for 10 or more hours at a time.  He was still eating so I wasn’t too concerned.  Well last night he was on my lap and was laying in such a way that there was pressure on his tail from my leg.  He kept meowing and getting very upset.  Eventually he went under the couch.  Well as of 8:45 this morning he still had not come out so we moved the couch to get him.  When I picked him up some blood started to ooze from his tail.  Of course he was crying and scratching and quite obviously not happy!  Well then the wound started to ooze all kinds of nasty stuff in amounts you could not believe!  It was the grossest thing ever!  We were able finally to get a look at the wound and it is some sort of puncture wound.  We are unsure as to what caused the wound but I guess it doesn’t matter.  Once it was completely drained we were able to clean it and give him some antibiotics.  He should make a complete recovery!  He is currently hiding in the barn.  He is so mad at me I don’t think he will come home for a day or two!


I see dead people!

by Julie Kohl on April 17, 2008

Something REALLY CRAZY happened to my husband and I last Thursday.

Every Thursday we go to a Bookstore/Coffee Shop in town for my husbands Chess Club meeting.  I don’t mind going because I get to hang out with my good friend Dee and we can look at books, talk about school and sip coffee.

We left the meeting last Thursday at about ten after 9, so it was close to 9:40 when we got off our exit.  The weather had been strange the last few days.  Rain, wind and tons of lightning.  Richie was listening to his new Rolling Stones CD that he had just purchased and singing along.  I was watching for deer like I always do.  Richie tends to focus more on what is right in front of him and since we see deer almost daily I always try to watch for them.

We pulled off the highway and then proceeded to cross the bridge that goes back over the highway.  I glance ahead and noticed something just off the edge of the road on the opposite end of the overpass.  “Boy that is a large, dead dog!” I thought to myself.  I glanced at the clock then but just as we passed by the dead dog I saw out of the corner of my eye what looked like a HUMAN foot!

I was momentarily dumb struck, in shock, FROZEN! I couldn’t make any words come out.  Richie, who saw NOTHING, kept driving until we came to a stop sign about a quarter of a mile away.  I was still unsure of what I might have seen.

“Richie???” I said weakly.

He glanced at me and his eyes got wide.  He later said I looked as white as a ghost.  “What?”

“Um, I think I saw a dead body back there,” I said matter-of-factly.


“Yeah I’m not kidding.”


“On the overpass.”

“Okay, get the cell phone out.”

So Richie spins the car around and I start dialing 9-1-1 and prepare to hit the send button.

“I’m afraid to look so just tell me if I need to call,” I say.

I cover my eyes only sort-of.  I am still peaking through my fingers.  As Richie rounds the corner we both see the body and Richie says, “CALL”.  But I am already talking to the 9-1-1 dispatcher.

“There is a body on the side of the road,” my voice manages to shake out.

She asks my location as Richie gets close enough to roll down the window to yell out at the body of the woman that is lying completely NAKED on the side of the road. “Are you okay?”  Just then her knee moves ever so slightly and I here a haunting moan come from the woman.

I am yelling into the phone, “She’s not dead, she’s not dead!”  The operator tries to calm me down but I am so freaked out.  Richie is now pulling past the woman and turning the car around again.  Once he realized she was naked he thought it was best that I be between him and her.  He pulls back to the spot where she is laying spread eagle style on the side of the road.  I can only imagine what has happened to her.  I’m afraid she was raped, beaten and dumped there.  Left to die in the rain.

I roll down my window to the woman who was only moments ago moaning like she was about to take her final breaths of life.  “Mam, are you okay?”

“Oh yeah, I’m FINE,” is her reply as she starts to sit up.

“Did someone hurt you, are you okay?” I ask again.

“I’m okay.”

“Well I am on the phone with the police and they are on there way.”

You would think this would be comforting to a woman who is laying naked, in the rain, on the side of the highway.  Instead all hell breaks loose at this point! She jumps to her feet screaming, “You called the police? Why did you call the police?” And she starts running after us!  I am rolling up the window, terrified beyond belief.  Richie grabs the phone and tells the officer who has just asked if we see a car around, “NO! I don’t see a car! I see a CRAZY NAKED lady chasing after us and I’m getting out of here! She is obviously on drugs or something and we aren’t sticking around here to find out! She is YOUR problem now!”

As Richie speeds away I turn around to see a completely naked woman running back and forth across the overpass bridge with her arms flailing around and I burst into tears!

This was SURELY the scariest and weirdest thing that has ever happened to me.

A few days ago we found out the name of the girl.  We also found out that she was probably tweaking on Meth and probably has no recollection of what happened.  So the moral of the story is:



Farmgirl at Heart

April 15, 2008

Welcome to my second post in the Farmgirl Blog-a-thon! This weeks topic is “What being a farmgirl means to me”. The blog-a-thon is being hosted by my friend Tina over at  You can also see my previous post to learn more about the blog-a-thon. I have talked on this subject a little before but […]

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Farmgirl Blog-a-thon

April 7, 2008

My friend Tina over at Garden Goose is sponsoring a Farmgirl Blog-a-thon.  You can check out her page for all the specifics but the basic idea is to encourage all the Farmgirls over at Mary Janes Farm to post on their blogs and to let the world know a little bit more about what it is to […]

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