Snow Day (Number 2)

Well we are on our second snow day in a row!  We will have a four day weekend!  That is always nice.  Wednesday night we received about 2 inches of snow.  We received the call that school would be cancelled on Thursday at about 8:30 Wednesday night!  On Thursday we went for a walk in the snow, had a big breakfast and then I worked on some projects I needed to finish.  I finished up an order of Wine Glass Charms for the Orchard House Bed and Breakfast.  You can view the charms in my ETSY shop. I also finished up my handmades Valentine’s for the Valentine’s Exchange on  Throughout the day, most of the snow melted away.  Even with a forcast predicting cold temps and 90% chance of sleet and snow on Thrusday none was falling. I went to bed Thursday night expecting to go to school in the morning.  About 2 AM I woke up and happened to glance outside. It was a winter wonderland once again!  The official call came about 5:15 this morning so here I am, HOME AGAIN!!!!

Here is a picture of Thunder in the snow. If you CLICK THE PICTURE it will take you to some more photos from around our house!

What’s For Lunch?

Lily had knocked this paper plate off of the kitchen table. I guess she was disappointed that there wasn’t anything on it.  She looks SO sad!

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